Clinton Foundation, George Soros and Bill Gates among contact tracing group funders

Chelsea Clinton sits on Partners in Health board

Partners in Health, the organization chosen to carry out COVID-19 contact tracing in Massachusetts, is funded by the likes of the Clinton Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Politically motivated groups, tech moguls and politicians who have dictated the questionable information stream and response to the pandemic are now to play a prominent role in surveilling citizens which will feed data to the highly dubious contact tracing application.

Contact tracing criticism

Outside of the mainstream echo chamber which has dictated the coronavirus response measures, contact tracing apps have faced a backlash due to their invasive capabilities which could have a far wider impact on civil liberties as they develop.

In line with the controversial HR 6666 bill, contact tracing apps will serve as a means to identify citizens who may have crossed paths with coronavirus-positive subjects through information uploaded by individuals and location tracking.

Those people could then be prompted to enter quarantine through an army of ‘contact tracers’ who are to be paid with government money to report on their fellow citizens.

The concern that this is more about tracking and surveillance rather than having viable and useful health benefits gathers speed on a number of fronts, particularly on the matter of antibodies.

If someone has COVID-19 antibodies in their system, the likelihood of contracting the virus is minimal, yet a contact tracing app wouldn’t have a way of knowing this, and would proceed to flag such individuals along with the other more draconian measures mentioned in HR 6666.

Antibody tests carried out in Los Angeles County showed that those with COVID-19 antibodies were far more than those who actually currently have the virus. Yet this and many other valid counter-arguments are falling on deaf ears as the funders of such initiatives appear set on implementing a widespread tracking system.

Hiring ‘contact tracers’

“Partners in Health is hiring Contact Tracers, Resource Coordinators and Case Investigators to reach out to all Massachusetts contacts of COVID-19 patients, counsel them on testing and quarantine, refer them for testing, and connect them to necessary resources throughout their quarantine,” the PiH website reads.

“This expansion of a network of contact tracers, social support providers and public health professionals will be massive. But data and experience from countries that have been successful in bending the COVID-19 curve downward have shown us that we have no choice. It’s time to go on offense against the virus,” Dr. Jim Yong Kim, PIH co-founder and board member, said.

Partners in Health was selected for contact tracing of Massachusetts by governor Charlie Baker, but its partners and funders once again raise suspicion due to their political and technological track records and objectives.


Partners In Health lists the Google Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations on its 2015 annual report as supporters who have contributed over $1 million.

Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer has also received several donations from the aforementioned figures.

“Farmer’s work attracted the support of philanthropists, including George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates,” Farmer’s Academy of Achievement biography.

“In 2002, PIH received a $13 million grant from the Global Fund for improvements in the Cange complex,” it adds.

Bill and Melinda Gates co-founded Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in 2002, along with Kofi Annan, Jeffrey Sachs, and Amir Attaran.

“In 2005 the William J. Clinton Foundation funded a Partners in Health AIDS program in Rwanda.”

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, serves on Partners in Health’s Board of Trustees and recorded a Clinton Foundation podcast with Farmer in 2019.

Former US president Bill Clinton extensively discussed contact tracing recently in video interviews with Democrat leaders including governors Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom.

The same figures

The frequent appearance of the same figures, despite a lack of a medical background but a clear socio-political agenda, playing a pivotal role in the crisis sparks concern.

COVID-19 began as a health crisis, but it has since become a political and social one, as elements of the highest reaches of the technological industry and political sphere have merged to justify the irreversible concession of liberties through Orwellian measures.