Tony Blair urges countries to digitally monitor who hasn’t been vaccinated

Blair made the comments on a panel discussion named ‘100 Days to Outrace the Next Pandemic’ at the 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has urged countries to develop digital infrastructure that will be able to monitor who has and who hasn’t been vaccinated, as well as using such a system for matters “beyond any particular disease or pandemic”.

As well as his prominent role in the brutal invasion of Iraq, Blair was also renowned during his time as UK leader for his desire to impose a biometric national identity card scheme back when such technology was in its infancy.

Now, he is a frequent speaker on behalf of the World Economic Forum where he provides dystopic suggestions for governments and corporations around the world.

His latest suggestion at the 2023 Davos Forum is about as alarming as it gets, especially given that he is a renowned upper-circle elitist who is aware of upcoming manufactured crises.

He proposes that all countries should digitally monitor who has and who hasn’t been vaccinated, which would make it easy for governments to isolate the unvaccinated from society in the event of a future ‘pandemic’.

In the end, you need the data: you need to know who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t been,” said Blair on a panel discussion named ‘100 Days to Outrace the Next Pandemic’.

“Some of the vaccines that will come on down the line will be multiple. There will be multiple shots. So you’ve got to have reasons to do with healthcare more generally.

“But certainly, for a pandemic or for vaccines, you’ve got to have a proper digital infrastructure and many countries don’t have that.

“I think there’s a huge impetus now for a national digital infrastructure. Digitization in health care is, I think, one of the great game changers.

“We should be helping countries to develop a national digital infrastructure, which they will need with these new vaccines.”

He also appears to hint at a wider digital ID system through such infrastructure.

“And then finally, it’s also about showing people and showing the political leadership that you can make a positive difference to your healthcare system by adopting these measures because they’ve got an impact beyond any particular disease or pandemic,” he continued.

We have long warned that COVID-19 would be used as a means to enforce all-encompassing digital IDs, and have subsequently been proven right with many countries around the world tying ‘health passports’ to other public services and liberties.

The only upside to Blair’s comments is that he, like many others at Davos, are openly stating what is in the works, leaving it up to the individual to be prepared for what lies ahead.