Giorgia Meloni: Anti-establishment or another WEF puppet?

Newly-elected Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni is seen as anti-establishment by her supporters, yet her staunch support of the country’s coercive and discriminatory Digital Health Certificate should raise eyebrows.

The 45-year-old cruised to victory with 44% of the vote in a right-wing alliance which includes her own Fratteli d’Italia party together with Matteo Salvini‘s Lega and former PM Silvio Berlusconi‘s centre-right Forza Italia.

Her successful election campaign was founded on combatting ‘woke’ ideology and restoring national values, but her views on the digital health certificates sound more like those of another World Economic Forum puppet than a working class hero.

“We were the first to support it,” she said in April 2021 about Italy’s controversial Digital Green Certificate. She went on to declare her hope that it would be adopted across Europe.

“We hope it will be adopted as soon as possible in a horizon of total reciprocity with all European states.

“It is a priority and it is essential to restore freedom of movement and above all to restart tourism.”

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Italy’s Digital Green Certificate protests

In autumn 2021, Italy announced that any worker in the public or private sector must have a Digital Green Certificate with a QR code that contains proof of either full vaccination, recent recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test within 48 hours.

Any employee who went to work without a valid pass would face 1,500 euros and suspension without pay, while employers were threatened with fines for allowing staff to work without one.

As a result, fierce protests were held across the country but the measure went ahead.

Meloni quickly changes her tune

Months after those supportive comments towards the Digital Green Certificate, Meloni drastically changed her tune with some more sane and comforting comments.

“The idea of using the green pass to be able to participate in social life is chilling, it is the last step towards the realization of an Orwellian society,” she tweeted in July 2021.

“[It is] an unconstitutional madness which Fratelli d’Italia forcefully rejects. For us, individual freedom is sacred and inviolable.”

Whether Meloni genuinely was initially vouching for a non-invasive kind of health passport (if that is even possible) only to realize that it would be used for far wider controls on people’s lives, is up for debate.

Deleted tweet in support of mandatory vaccines

Back in 2018, Meloni was asked whether she would be in favor of mandated vaccines. Her response will have certainly concerned her large following during COVID times.

“On vaccines we need to have the humility of trusting the scientific community,” Meloni tweeted back then. “I think going back would be a mistake. It’s a topic that must not be dealt with on an ideological level: let those who are competent decide which vaccines are necessary and mandatory.”

However, that tweet has since been deleted.