UN launches biometric ID wallet

A digital identification wallet has been developed by the UN Digital Solutions Center (UN DSC) which combines biometric, blockchain and mobile technology.

All personal, HR, medical, travel, security, payroll and pension data is stored on the digital ID created for UN personnel.

Medical records are also stored on the digital wallet, from allergies to vaccinations.

UN DSC is a pilot project of the World Food Programme and UNHCR with operational support from UN International Computing Center, intended to create digital solutions to help UN agencies with common operational and transactional tasks.

Although this particular digital ID is for UN personnel only, biometric forms of identification are being talked up for everyday citizens by policy makers, politicians and corporations across the world.

COVID-19 has served as the perfect pretext for mass digital surveillance, and the normalization of intrusive tech measures under the guise of safety will continue to grow exponentially so long as there is public consent.