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COVID-19 and the 5G deception

Big Tech’s clampdown on conspiracy theories linking 5G with coronavirus symptoms deceptively includes the censorship of valid debates on the dangers of the technology as a whole

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a clampdown on claims contrary to official sources in an apparent bid to safeguard the public amid a state of emergency, and no subject has faced greater backlash from the tech establishment than the discussion surrounding 5G.

The theory that claims 5G technology is in fact causing this outbreak of illnesses as a result of high-radiation exposure and that COVID-19 is merely an invention to justify the rising death toll has been met with both ridicule and censorship.

However, there is a greater deception at play that goes beyond whether the aforementioned theory is true or not.

In taking the most extreme strand of the 5G debate, tech companies such as Google and Facebook are using it as a justification to suppress the much wider and more rational concerns on the technology.

In a deceptive yet smart ploy, the tech giants used David Icke, a man synonymous with conspiracy theories, as the face of this clampdown and thus associate any talk of 5G during this coronavirus crisis with ridicule and to justify censorship.

Icke’s live chat on Google-owned YouTube with LondonReal was being viewed by some 65,000 people when the outlet took it down after the BBC questioned why the video was permitted.

“Now any content that disputes the existence or transmission of COVID-19, as described by the WHO [World Health Organization] and local health authorities is in violation of YouTube policies.”

YouTube spokeswoman

However, it has not stopped there. YouTube is not just banning 5G conspiracy theories related to claims that it causes the illness itself, but any discussion on 5G in general.

This kind of censorship is taking place across the internet by the major tech outlets who are intent on suppressing the very real concerns surrounding 5G, grouping any opposition to the technology in with the ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Health experts drowned out

The coronavirus crisis response has seen the intensification of calls for ‘authoritative’ or ‘respectable’ information from ‘experts’ yet it seems to shun any such expert who holds a contrary belief to state or global health organizations and the technocracy with which they are intertwined.  

Countless scientific studies have raised concerns about the health impact of 5G technology, such as its effects on the immune system, or how frequent exposure to RF radiation caused cancers to occur in animals exposed to legal levels of cell-tower radiation, and MMWs in 5G being more easily absorbed by the skin and nervous system, in a microscopic snapshot of the concerns of the technology from qualified individuals and groups.

The coronavirus crackdown on 5G, however, sees these, and countless other experts, grouped in with quacks and conspiracy theorists at face value.

Societal concerns of 5G suppressed

Yet it is the societal impact of 5G which is being ignored and downplayed more than anything else as a result of the censorship based on the more extreme theories on the technology in relation to COVID-19.

The introduction of smart cities and the 5G technology on which they will run will lead to a drastic shift in our way of life, with a highly-surveilled, monitored and tightly-controlled form of governance set to be implemented.

Facial-recognition cameras, self-driving cars, digitalized currency and algorithmic censorship of opinion are just some of the features that will come with 5G, and pose an undoubtable threat to the freedoms much of the world currently takes for granted, as China is already experiencing through its government-imposed social credit system.

And the arbiters of truth will be the very tech companies who are running the rule of what ideas can and can’t be posted today.

The right to privacy can only be granted to citizens of smart cities if it is incorporated in the technology that governs it, and the same tech companies and global institutions are those are in charge of coding these rights into our future societies, superseding national laws.

“If 5G continues and reaches where they want to take it, human life as we know it is over, so people have to make a decision,” was one point Icke made in the now banned video, and he is absolutely right.

Roger McNamee, an early investor in Google and Facebook, highlighted some of the dangers of 5G smart cities when addressing Toronto officials on the Google-funded Quayside project, saying that it has the ability “to replace democracy with algorithmic decision making” and “is a dystopian vision that has no place in a democratic society”.

It seems experts are only deemed as such if they echo the official line, and the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus is seeing the public more easily being duped into having blind faith in organizations with track records that merit very little.

The coronavirus has served as the pretence to allow big tech companies the wish they have been pursuing for decades, to apply wide-sweeping rules and censorship to any ideas that don’t fit in with their ideology.

In a free and democratic society, citizens should always maintain the right to research and disseminate whatever views they wish, regardless of their validity, and the very act of censorship is counter-productive as it only serves to fuel those very claims it sets to diffuse.