EESC president: Employers can opt against hiring the unvaccinated

The president of the European Financial and Social Committee (EESC), Christa Schweng, has stated that companies could and should be able to opt against hiring those who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

In recent months, governments across the western world have talked up digital immunity passports which would contain a record of vaccination in order to be able to return to stadiums, concerts, and pubs and restaurants, drawing concern that this would deprive those who opt against the jab from fundamental and basic freedoms.

The suggestion that this could be applied to people’s employment, and thus their livelihoods, is coercion, and made even more concerning given that this sentiment is being echoed by someone responsible for leading job growth and employment in Europe.

“As an employer, I can decide with whom I sign a contract,” Schweng told EFE.

“The worker can decide if they want to work (for the company) or not” if a vaccine is required to sign a contract, although “it would have to be seen if an employer wants only vaccinated people in their company.

“I don’t know what they will do,” she said.

The statements from Schweng, who came into the role in October, come just weeks after claiming that “jobs do not fall from the sky” when asked how Europe would recover from the current crisis, in an interview with Euractiv.

The idea that people would be coerced into taking a vaccine merely to work and attend public venues had been warned of since the beginning of the virus outbreak, yet were brushed off by mainstream circles as a conspiracy theory.

Like many other warnings of how this crisis would be used as the pretext for digital surveillance, digital health passports are unfortunately becoming reality, whereby a two-tier society is being crafted.

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