BBC receives millions from the Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has provided millions of pounds in funding to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over the years.

Despite being the United Kingdom’s public service broadcaster, the station’s international charity ‘BBC Media Action’ receives heavy funding from the Gates Foundation.

BBC Media Action covers news on poverty and health among other subjects in partnership with the BBC World Service and other local media and associates across the world.

An investigation into the matter by the Unity News Network found that the Gates Foundation has provided millions to BBC Media Action over the years.

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The foundation’s contributions in 2019, for example, accounted for 99 percent of BBC Media Action’s £2 million of private funding.

And these massive donations have not just been a one-off, but a consistent source of funding for the BBC charity, as evidenced below from the Gates Foundation’s own website:





In return, the multi-billionaire ‘philanthropist’ frequently appears on the BBC’s main channels and his questionable endeavors in the field of public health are never scrutinized.

Gates has referred to himself, on more than one occasion, as a ‘health expert’ on the BBC which, despite not being true, has gone unchallenged.

As a result of this significant funding, despite being toward a BBC ‘charity’ rather than its main TV channels, Gates and his projects will continue to be perceived as positive rather than probed to any journalistic standard.

Gates’ standing has risen over the course of the year amid COVID-19 given that he is actively involved across various areas of the pandemic, from increased digitalization of all aspects of life through Microsoft, to dictating policy through being the World Health Organization’s second biggest donor, and his funding of digital identity organization ID2020.

With COVID-19 information and subsequent policy having a direct impact on the world as a whole, the fact that a billionaire with direct vested interests on the matter is funding the British public service broadcaster should prove yet another reason to call into question the impartiality of the information being released by leading outlets.