Big Tech

What the big tech companies know about you

The idea that our data is being kept, stored and used by big tech companies went from a paranoid suspicion to normalised reality over the course of the last decade.

With over a third of the world’s population now owning a smart phone, the ability of these companies to monitor and benefit from, both financially and mentally, is now more routine than ever.

It has become something unquestioned by people nowadays, as the eagerness for convenience has overpowered the desire for liberty and privacy.

Security Baron carried out a research on what the big six tech companies have officially admitted to collecting as far as personal data, according to their official privacy policies.

As evidenced, the knowledge of the big six tech companies of each and every one of its users transcends what one would consider a minimal amount merely for security reasons. 

Despite the recent controversies behind Facebook selling information and endangering the public, the company still collects information on race, religion, physical location, education, income level, work, relationship status, and political views. 

Amazon, even with its publicly known $600 million collaboration deal with the CIA,  stores users’ credit card information and has access to government IDs.

Yet Google is the one to be the most uneasy about, as its ubiquitous nature gives it access to an uncomfortably large amount of information on an array of fronts.