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What is BigTechtopia?

BigTechtopia is an independent project which seeks to provide an ongoing explanation of the systematic attempt from the upper echelons of industries and governments, teamed up with the major technology companies, to establish a totalitarian restructuring of our planet.

Just as we moved from farms to factories, we are now entering a new industrial revolution where the gap between the digital, physical and biological worlds is shrinking, and technology is changing faster than ever.

The problem lies not in the technological advancements but the way in which they are being used and to what end. The aim of our global institutions and leading organizations is not the benefit of all of humanity but its entrapment, both physical and spiritual, with the global population being mere participants in a radical overhaul for the establishment of near total control.

Books such as George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or, more recently, the TV show Black Mirror, which all depict a dystopian future with stringent technology at the forefront, have captured the imagination of the general public across various periods of time. And while some perceive the above as a form of entertainment or a wildly exaggerated forecast of the future, the impact they continue to have is due to the resonance of truth that one can intuitively feel and see unravelling before their very eyes.

Over one third of the world’s population now owns a smartphone, through which just about every bit of our daily lives is monitored, quantified and stored by a handful of companies. Never before has such a large share of the global populace been at the mercy of so few.

Through algorithms that have been modelled to specifically favour particular belief systems and narratives, the spectrum of information, and thus the capacity of independent thinking, is shrinking at a frightening rate.

The growing power and influence that tech companies exert can no longer be passed off as the mere workings of private impartial organizations. The ability to ban and erase individuals from the digital landscape under vague laws are powers that dictatorial governments of the past could have only dreamed of.

Due to their deep-rooted links with the mainstream media, they remain free to subtly alter the mindset of mankind. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The situation we find ourselves in today is only made possible by the compliance of a generation which is either unaware, unbothered, frightened or believes it is immune to the possibility of new dictatorships coming in to power, particularly via this method. 

In this project, we aim to explain how technology is the tool of choice for multinational organizations, upper chambers of governments and military to usher in a globalized system of control, and exactly through which means it is being executed.

The urgency of the task at hand, to raise information and begin to take measures against such a future, while the endgame may take some time to reach, the tipping point which would make its reversal improbable is approaching.

Tech itself is not the enemy. The problem lies in who is coding our future and for what means.

The sleight of hand being performed by the aforementioned crux of power will all be unravelled. The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing and if we don’t wake up to the magnitude of this problem, there may not be a way back.