Aldous Huxley: To preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled

English novelist Aldous Huxley often forewarned of a technocratic dictatorship taking over the world.

Huxley wrote Brave New World, a novel that predicted that some day the entire world would live under a frightful dictatorship and, in an interview with Mike Wallace in 1958, gave insight into how this is a real possibility.

“We mustn’t be caught by surprise by our own advancing technology,” he stated.

“This has happened again and again in history, and suddenly people have found themselves in a situation that they didn’t really foresee, and doing all sorts of things that they didn’t really want to do.”

The short video below is a stark warning of what could happen when the public gives consent to the wavering of fundamental rights and freedoms, and much of what he says is relatable to the period we find ourselves in currently.