Twitter and YouTube censor biotech company’s UV coronavirus treatment

Aytu has been working with doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital on the treatment, yet it appears as though Big Tech and mainstream media journalists are more qualified than industry leading healthcare experts.

A biotech company which has partnered with doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York to develop an ultraviolet light (UV) treatment for COVID-19 has been suspended from Twitter and removed from YouTube.

In a perfect snapshot of how Big Tech and the mainstream media stifle any information that goes against their ideological and corporate partners, the YouTube video explaining how the Healight treatment works, along with the company’s Twitter account, were taken down just hours after a New York Times journalist’s complaint.

Aytu BioScience, a publicly traded biotech company, created a novel COVID-19 treatment approach which uses ultraviolet light to disinfect the lungs.

In the video’s description, the company clearly states that it “is for informational purposes only” and not instructive.

“It is meant solely to illustrate how Healight is designed to work. This technology is still in research phase and not yet approved by the FDA for Emergency Use Application,” it adds.

Aytu has been working with doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital on the innovative treatment, yet it appears as though the Big Tech establishment and mainstream media journalists are more qualified than industry leading healthcare experts.

New York Times journalist intervention

Davey Alba, a New York Times journalist, reached out to the Medically Associated Science and Technology (MAST) program Executive Director Mark Pimentel and Aytu CEO Josh Disbrow.

Donald Trump having mentioned a similar therapy – three days after the video’s release – appears to be the basis of Alba’s disgruntlement, without any pushback or evidence against the therapy itself.

On April 24, Alba admitted that she had flagged other videos which reacted to Trump’s mention of using UV light as potential COVID-19 therapy.

Less than three hours later, after her tweet to Pimentel and Disbrow, Alba was celebrating that she had managed to get the tweet removed.

Shortly after, YouTube had taken the video down from its platform and Twitter suspended Aytu Bioscience‘s account.

This comes just days after YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that said she would censor all “medically substantiated” content.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki really just said this:All content that isn't "medically substantiated” such as taking…

Posted by BigTechtopia on Friday, April 24, 2020

Nobel Prize winner’s work with UV light

Yet it would take some argument to dispute even the possibility that UV light could be used as a potential therapy for significant viruses.

Nobel Prize winning physician Niels Ryberg Finsen had recommended the use of red light in the treatment of smallpox.

Big Tech medical censorship intensifies

The coronavirus crisis has seen Big Tech intensify its censorship of any medical claims that do not fall in line with Big Pharma or other corporate partners.

The removal of Aytu’s therapy is by far the most stark evidence yet that Big Tech’s removal of content during this crisis is not based on medical validity as it claims but rather on business interests and ideology.